Election observers not so good at protecting privacy

That independent, non-partisan agency charged with overseeing the integrity of our elections?  Not so good at overseeing the integrity and security of its own data.

Elections Canada’s voter database out-of-date, rife with error and unsecure… Just like everyone else’s databases.  Such is the nature of the beast.

Better yet, Elections Canada keeps tabs on minors, who can’t vote:

She found that Elections Canada currently holds identity information on about 104,000 Canadians under the age of 18, even though it is not authorized to do so because they are too young to vote.

And somehow the voters list ended up in the offices of the Tamil Tigers, a designated terrorist group.

[Privacy Commissioner Jennifer] Stoddart cited one example from 2006, when RCMP discovered lists of voters’ names and addresses at an office belonging to the Tamil Tigers, classed in Canada as a terrorist organization, which was allegedly using them to find people who might help them financially.

Excellent work, fellas.

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