How did this happen?

In the wake of the Turkish Airlines B738 crash yesterday, one question has gripped my mind.  There are women from Turkey named “Jihad”?  And they don’t end up on the Turkish version of a no-fly list?  Why not?

Another survivor, Jihad Alariachi, said there was no warning from the cockpit to brace for landing before the ground loomed up through the mist and drizzle.

“We braked really hard, but that’s normal in a landing. And then the nose went up. And then we bounced … with the nose aloft,” she said, adding that she and her sister scrambled out an emergency exit.

More than 50 people were injured, about half of them seriously.

— Toby Sterling.  “Scores survive Turkish airliner crash in Amsterdam“, Associated Press, February 26th, 2009.

If I named a kid Crusadia, would she be able to get aboard a Turkish jet without a hassle?

And another thing.  Usually that whole “braking hard” process begins after the wheels firmly settle onto the runway.  In this case you were two miles short of it and fell out of the sky into a muddy field.  Close enough though, right?

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