London’s Great Fire of 1666 destroyed Old St. Paul’s Cathedral, but the subsequent rebuilding effort gave rise to an even grander edifice, Sir Christopher Wren’s 1708 masterwork.  During site preparation, Wren noticed one of the blocks from the old structure was inscribed with the Latin “resurgam”—”I shall rise again”.  He had the word—and its metaphorical incarnation, a phoenix—chiselled into the southern pediment of his new cathedral.

Similarly, the resourceful MotoArt company takes old retired airframes and transforms them into iconic aircraft-derived furniture, like the C-130 Outer Flap Desk pictured above.  Or the B-747 Cowling Reception Desk, made from the nacelle cowling of the queen of the skies.  See the start-to-finish slideshow exploring the manufacture of the Albatross Tank Couch.

It’s safe to say that if money was no object, I would find a way to buy every single item offered for sale.  Especially the B-707 Room Divider.

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