Whatever happened to…

…Washed-up bands that you didn’t dig all that much even when they were popular?

Mr. Steven Page is quitting the Barenaked Ladies and embarking on a solo career.  As if anybody ever listened to BNL after 1992, anyway.  Gordon was your one good album, fellas.  Nobody cared after that.  Seriously.

J.D. Fortune claims to be homeless in Hong Kong after being fired by INXS, but the aging New Wavers have fired back with entries from the band’s online journal that put Fortune’s firing timeline in doubt.  As if anybody ever listened to INXS after 1987.  Kick was your one good album, fellas.  After Hutchence died we all forgot about you.  Your one saving grace to the world was boosting the career of Kylie Minogue, who gave us gold hot pants.

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2 Responses
  1. James says:

    I agree. I rapidly lost interest during Gordon.
    Perhaps the rest of the guys got at Steven for his little “ahem” habit?

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    It’s possible. I am a pessimist though. They grew up and went to high school in Scarborough, the Land of Donut Shops and Precious Little Else To Occupy a Teen’s Attention. A place with which I am intimately familiar.
    So odds are they’ve all got filthy substance-abusing habits, he’s just the one that was outed.