The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of fault tolerance

Chris 1, Fried components 0

Last Friday a friend was over and checking out the home network, with its multiple domain controllers, DNS, DHCP and distributed file servers.  He questioned the need for such lengths of redundancy and I replied, simply, “Fault tolerance. In case one of the boxes goes offline.”

He laughed.

Well, guess what happened yesterday afternoon.  Video card died on one of the DC/DFS servers, but all of our usual services are still available—network drives, DNS, DHCP, database servers, antivirus monitoring, backup, etc.

I grant that for the average home it’s probably overkill, but when you’re managing a few computers plus a half-dozen other electronic devices devices that depend on network services, the very least you can do is make life easier on yourself.  After all, when some component of the network dies, you will probably need to go online to a) do troubleshooting and b) order spares.

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