The best high school hazing ritual ever

Make 14-year-old boys go to their local pharmacy, buy condoms, and then compete with other boys at jamming said condoms on wooden willies in front of their classmates.

Except it’s not hazing, it’s a high school health class assignment.

I sure wouldn’t have done that when I was fourteen.  A couple of my friends (and many female classmates) worked at our local pharmacy.  I’m sure there wouldn’t be any long-term gossiping as a result of that purchase.  No.  And it certainly wouldn’t have ruined my dating chances with the entire female population of the high school.  Nuh-uh.

At any rate, I salute the genius who came up with that assignment.  Boys competing to put condoms on fake johnsons.  Congratulations on making high school just a little bit more awkward than it used to be.

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