When taking down real airliners isn’t enough

…some moron has to go after the pretend ones, too.

Sky Blue Radio is an internet radio station catering to the flight simulation community.  They operate both as an ordinary Shoutcast station, and as an in-sim station too.  With the help of a little applet, you can tune a specific frequency in your FS aircraft’s COM2 radio and receive Sky Blue Radio’s music stream within the sim.

This is what Sky Blue Radio’s site normally looks like:


This is what it looks like now, after some Jew-hating fool hacked it:


I had no idea Jews controlled the flight sim world, too.  Where can I send a donation to the sim-Mossad?

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  1. Richard Rudd says:

    Hey Chris
    We managed to fight them off so they have postponed Jihad for now.
    If you are all interested then it appears that this is the work of some Turkish kids that have developed these sort of attacks into a sport. As I dug deeper into their activities it appeared that nothing was spared to pass on their anti-se(i)mmetic message (Pun intended).
    FYI for the Sim-Mossad if you have capability you could have fun with these guys… bit of their own medicine.
    I have checked this site and it is safe however be vigilant. You never know.
    http://www.datapaylasim.com (just checked it again and it appears they have been hacked LOL