A suggestion for municipal waste disposal

I didn’t realise that the Green Lane Landfill, the London-area dump which takes Toronto’s garbage, will be full sometime around 2020, unless the city can increase the amount of waste that gets diverted.

The city now diverts about 42 per cent of its waste through reducing, recycling, reusing and composting, but wants to divert 70 per cent by the end of 2010.

If the city can hit its 70 per cent target, the newly purchased Green Lane landfill will be able to take Toronto’s garbage until 2034. At the current diversion rate, the dump will only last until the early 2020s.

— John Spears.  “Toronto to pay the price for more garbage“, Toronto Star, February 8th, 2008.

Seeing as Michigan would like to end our garbage shipments (up to 350 trucks a day!), and the Oneida Nation—just 2km from the dump—are anxious to be compensated, it appears likely that Toronto will end up exporting increasing volumes of waste to ever more distant, garbage-averse areas.

c17_airdropI propose that the city sanitation department purchase a fleet of C-17 transport aircraft to facilitate the movement of our garbage to outlying communities (whether they want it or not), and a fleet of F-22s for suppression of enemy air defenses, in case they put up a fight.  When not being used for city sanitation we can lease both types out to USAF or NATO for less pedestrian work.

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