Lazy or Just Stupid, Part VI

You have no doubt heard about the goofball that hopped a fence at Thunder Bay’s airport and made off with a Cessna 172.  He has been identified in various news reports as Yavuz Burke (formerly Adam Dylan Leon), 31, a naturalised Canadian citizen who was born in Turkey.

Interestingly most Canadian media outlets have scrubbed the Yavuz Burke ID and now refer to him as Adam Leon.  Canwest News Service carried the full identification (both names, Yavuz and Adam) but has since redacted it in favour of Adam Leon.

Here is a small comparison of major media outlets:

Identified as Yavuz Burke, formerly Adam Leon:

Identified solely as Adam Leon:

Identified as Adam Leon, formerly Yavuz Berke

So… which is it?

If the media can’t get the basics right—like the guy’s friggin’ name—how are we supposed to trust the accuracy of more complex stories and facts?

UPDATE:  Apparently the dingus was suffering from depression and wanted to get shot down.  To commit suicide by M61A1, as it were.  Well, next time, try stealing something a little heftier than a Cessna.  Something that an F-16 might be legitimately concerned about.  Something with swept wings and weapon hardpoints, for example.

Or get on the guard frequency (VHF 121.5 MHz) and start hollering “Allahu akhbar yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi”.  That might get their attention.  Then state loudly and clearly that you plan to mash your bug-smasher into an Important Public Building, and there’s Nothing Anyone Can Do To Stop You—Muahahahahahaha.

It’s counter-intuitive, I know, but believe me when I say that most fighter jocks are not itching to be the first guy to paint a Cessna silhouette below his canopy.  The people who have a burning desire to do that are homeowners living within 5 miles of an airport.  Just show up to an airport development meeting and you’ll see.

Of course if he really wanted to check out early, the obvious thing to do would have been what is known in the biz as CFIT—controlled flight into terrain.  The ground is always going to be there, whereas the odds of encountering a twitchy F-16 pilot with a score to settle are much, much lower.

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9 Responses
  1. AngelEyesGBU says:

    Any chance this was a simulated attack for purposes of probing?

  2. Dinah Lord says:

    Poor Yavuz, the sad, sorry, depwessed Muslim couldn’t even kill himself right.
    If only he had the benefit of your sage advice, Mr. Taylor. (which made me LMAO)
    Thanks for the Tuesday morning laugh!

  3. holycrusader says:

    Right on!! Very funny post.
    You’re right it is a pretty dumb way to kill yourself. Isn’t there a way to pipe the exhaust into the cockpit or better yet why not just stand in front of a running prop? I’ve seen what it can do to zombies! I really don’t buy it. This is not suicide, it’s “probing”. A lot of unanswered questions. Why do they change their names a million times? Why do we let them into flight schools? Better yet, Why do we let them into the country PERIOD???

  4. SN says:

    Dinah Lord …. What it has to do with “depressed muslim”?. I think there are worse incidents
    with depressed non-muslims too. Isn’t better than shooting dozens and then killing oneself?
    He is just simply stupid and thats it!

  5. olmaze says:

    I see some of the above posters lack education and history awareness in this forum. One believes he is a terrorist because he was born in a Muslim country which has no records of terrorism or terrorist harboring. I should give credit to SN as he/she refers to all Non-Muslim (mostly Christian) depressed mass murderers in USA. Another poster stresses the importance of not letting Muslims in US, and prohibiting them from all the services. This is amazingly in line with the America’s founding ideas of Liberty and Freedom. This country is established in 1776 by people who have been immigrating to this land 1492 onwards.

  6. Chris Taylor says:

    I don’t think it was a probe or a test. If you want to slip into the US undetected, you don’t steal a plane, fail to file a flight plan, fail to communicate with air traffic control, fly at 14,0000ft and then drop down to 3,000, etc.
    The best way to remain unnoticed is to behave like every other GA pilot out there—file a flight plan, keep a consistent altitude, talk to air traffic control, etc etc.
    I’m sure it was just a depressed guy who wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, but was too afraid to make it happen. Hopefully he’ll learn something and maybe start taking treatment seriously.

  7. James says:

    This has nothing to do with the guy being a Muslim or Turkish. Most of the comments here are just ridicilous. A depressed man does something silly and he happens to be of foreign origin. So what? It’s not like he killed someone or he was trying to smuggle drugs. As for letting them into the country, how about pulling all the US citizens out of all the foreign countries? How does that sound? You guys are so dumb, I’m lost for words here!

  8. tmodem says:

    Chris you may be right. I really don’t know, but until the guy is waterboarded, we don’t have all the information. Maybe he is nuts? IMHO anyone who believes in Profit Mo, the peadophile, is nuts. James and his ilk, would love to open the borders and let everyone in. It will all be one big happy party!! Bottom line is that Islam has done NOTHING positive for this country but create misery and change the skyline of NYC. How long does it take for people to wake up from this stupour? Like Odumbo says “We ar not at war with Islam” Unfortunately it is Islam that has been at war with us, since the Crusades. Learn your history Olmaze!!

  9. Chris Taylor says:

    While I agree that Mohammed is a thoroughly reprehensible example of human conduct—and have delved into specifics as to why on this blog—I think we have to be careful about identifying this Adam Leon/Yavuz Berke fellow as a Muslim.
    All we know is that he was born in a Muslim country 31 years ago, emigrated here, and got Canadian citizenship last year. Beyond that, we don’t know much. And right now we know zero about his religious views.
    So it’s not necessarily a Muslim story. Right now it’s mostly a tale of stupidity, and a good cautionary tale of why pilots should resist the urge to fly if they don’t feel they’re at 100% of their physical and mental game. Mistakes up there will cost you your life, whether or not you’re trying to give it away.