Shorter Michael Coren

Women are too innocent, gentle and graceful to be good soldiers.  Now get in the kitchen and make me a sangwich.

Lengthy rebuttal by Damian at The Torch.

RELATED:  I don’t suppose it occurs to Dawg that much (probably even most) of the dextrosphere doesn’t bother checking the daily snoozefest of professional papists like Coren.  It’s like keeping tabs on the Art Bell paranormal paranoia set.  Why bother?

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3 Responses
  1. Dr.Dawg says:

    Well, you have a point there. Until I read your reference, I hadn’t even heard of Art Bell.

  2. Chris Taylor says:

    I discovered him quite by accident about ten years ago.
    Browsing through Shoutcast internet radio stations looking for the one that played original series Star Trek episodes, and found it… and then after the Trek it became this weird alternate reality where, for many callers, X-Files plotlines came to life.
    Kind of hilarious to listen to once, but then the unrelenting dementia (and the earnestness with which it is espoused) just gets downright depressing.
    Haven’t been back since then.

  3. pecunium says:

    I didn’t know he wasn’t a major player in the right-wing comment factory.
    I just knew he pissed me off.