The next time North Korea lobs a rocket over Japan…

Why not shoot the sucker down?

Don’t make any waves in the press, either.  Just issue a terse statement to the effect of “We look forward to observing the North Korean launch as this will help us assess their launch vehicle capability, reliability and accuracy.”

Then have an AEGIS cruiser or ABL splash the thing, with zero fanfare.

If the North Koreans raise a fuss and claim it was shot down, just say “All of our missile defence assets are accounted for,” and leave it at that.  Optionally you can do the Steepled Fingers of Concern and paste on a Thin, Tight-Lipped Smile but that could also be way too obvious.

Either way I think they would get the message.

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  1. MichaelB says:

    Agreed. That would be a smart move. It seems that we have decided that nuclear and missile non-proliferation efforts are ultimately not worth the cost. I suspect we will all live to regret this decision. Of course, kicking the can down the road is often easier and sometimes works… the risk is pretty serious here.
    On a related note, a few years ago, when North Korea was threatening to test a nuclear bomb, someone (James Lileks maybe) suggested what i thought was a brilliant idea. Nuke the test site, and claim it was them doing a test. The cover story is obvious… and the psychological impact potentially devastating. So much the better if important parts of the program are destroyed in the process!
    Alas, it was not to be.