This is a precedent you don’t want to set

A lawyer for the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory is arguing that railway blockades are an appropriate form of resistance for raising awareness of aboriginal issues.

TORONTO — Blockades of railway lines by First Nations protesters are justifiable forms of resistance to raise attention to aboriginal issues, a lawyer for Mohawk protester Shawn Brant said Tuesday.

Brant and other Tyendinaga Mohawks face a CN Rail lawsuit seeking unspecified damages after two rail line blockades in Eastern Ontario in April and June of 2007.

The Mohawks counter sued for more than $10 million and were in court Tuesday where an Ontario Superior Court judge reserved his decision on whether portions of their statement of defence and counterclaim are relevant to the case before the court.

— Jordana Huber.  “Rail blockades justifiable, Mohawk argue in court“, Montreal Gazette, April 7th, 2009.

If the judge doesn’t toss that specious defence out on its ass, I swear I will put up barricades on the 401 to raise awareness of the fact that there is no 24-hour, 30-minutes-or-it’s-free steamed lobster delivery anywhere within Toronto city limits.

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