This man used to be our Defence Minister

And, according to Wikipedia, he is an honorary member of Royal Military College, student #S139.  Whatever happened to “Truth, Duty, Valour”, RMC?

john_mccallumThe Hon. John McCallum, P.C., “forgot” what make and model of car he drives, stating to a reporter that it is a North American-manufactured Chevrolet.  Then he recanted via BlackBerry, indicating it is not a North American-made car at all, before someone could fact-check and call him a big fat liar.


(Via Orville at Dust my Broom.)

UPDATE: Just in case I am not sufficiently clear, his “honorary” ticket should be pulled.  A man who can’t (or won’t) truthfully recall the make and model of his own motor vehicle probably doesn’t possess the attention to detail required for successful studies at RMC.

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