You know you’re over the hill when…

…Songs from your childhood are being used to market products to senior citizens.

I was ten years old in 1983, when Peter Schilling released “Major Tom (Coming Home)“.  Can’t say the song made a big impression on me as a lad, since I didn’t even know the name of the song nor the artist until two years ago.

Now the song’s been covered by Shiny Toy Guns to market the 2010 Lincoln MKZ.  It’s a catchy tune, which Ford has cannily made available—for free—on Lincoln’s MKZ website.

The ad (and its predecessor, featuring Cat Power’s cover of Bowie’s “A Space Oddity”) make the Sirius Travel Link avionics look nifty.  The only thing missing is TCAS and an AN/AAR-47 threat warning system.

Problem is, Lincoln is the traditional manufacturer of land yachts—purchased by old men who need an enormous conveyance, no less than 50% chrome, filled with antique furniture and classical works of art—moving with slow but stately grace though the city’s thoroughfares, surrounded by a small fleet of tenders.  Lincoln would have to make an actual orbital vehicle before I could consider them to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of under-60 cutting edge.

But very neat ads, yes.

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