It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up

The White House will not be releasing the photos garnered from last week’s VC-25 low-level activity around lower Manhattan, according to the New York Post:

“We have no plans to release them,” an aide to President Obama told The Post, refusing to comment further.

The sole purpose of the secret photo-op, which sent thousands of New Yorkers running for cover, was to take new publicity shots of the presidential jet over the city.

“The photos . . . are classified — that’s ridiculous,” Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., said.

The photos have not technically been “classified,” a White House aide said, but they are being kept from public view.

— Jeremy Olshan.  “Phantom Air Farce pictures“,
New York Post, May 5th, 2009.

Look, we already know it happened, and how.  The least you could do now is let us have the benefit of updated images of the VC-25, which the taxpayers of America have already anted up for.

(Via Gates of Vienna)

UPDATE 071623Z MAY 2009: White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reveals that an internal report will probably be completed this week.  It will be released, along with one photo.

(Update via Neptunus Lex)

PREVIOUS T&C COVERAGE: A 380,000 pound, 4-engine airliner will be zipping around the Statue of Liberty at 1500 feet, but you have to keep it a secret.

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