Dog finds coccaine in cake

coccaine-cakeA 64-year-old Toronto man was charged with importing a controlled substance after a CSBA detector dog at Pearson Airport located two kilograms of coccaine in a cake that he had brought back from Trinidad and Tobago. In his luggage.  I can see a couple of flaws in this plan already.

Isn’t sixty-four way too old to start being a drug mule?  You’ve only got a year to rise through the ranks of organised crime and attract some blue-haired moll before you have to retire.

Who packs a cake in their luggage?  I guess the guy hasn’t seen what some baggage handlers get up to.

And where’s the icing?  No wonder the dog had to pull it apart.  It’s not a real cake unless there’s icing.  Lots of it.

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