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Photo copyright Conway Vidal/Scene From Above

Photo copyright Conway Vidal/Scene From Above

Radio-controlled aircraft are something your correspondent is content to admire from a distance.  While I can applaud the skill and patience involved in constructing these miniature works (and I have seen a few—there is a gentleman in my neighbourhood who builds epic, flying scale models of famous warbirds), the prospective heartbreak of seeing one of my own labour-intensive creations come apart in a million pieces after a moment’s inattention would all but ruin the hobby for me.

Hardier souls such as Conway Vidal of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan are at work marrying newer technology to the RC hobbyist world.  Mr. Vidal has attached a wireless camera to his small T-Rex RC helicopter, and in so doing founded a commercial RC imaging venture called Scene From Above.  (There are several more images at the link.)

…An aerial-photography display, which featured a real-time birds-eye view of the flight line, transmitted from a wireless camera mounted to a helicopter as it hovered high in the sky, also impressed many in attendance.

“There are only three or four of us licensed to do RC aerial photo-graphy in western Canada,” said Vidal, who operates scenefromabove.ca, a low-level aerial-imaging service. A regular helicopter shakes too much, and even a small plane flies too fast. Farmers and civic officials love it when they see the resolution that a stable RC platform can provide them.”

— Suchow, Ray.  “A great way to make time fly.Camrose Canadian, 25 August 2009

For those of you wondering why farmers might want aerial photographs, I recommending read this brief page-long summary from “A Guide to the Practical Use of Aerial Color-infrared Photography in Agriculture” (Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln).

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