Shakira: She-Wolf

There is a part of the chorus where you will laugh so hard tears will stream down your face, like they did the first time I heard this song on the radio.

In a related development, Shakira was worried about how her parents would perceive the nude bodystocking and caged gyration.  Apparently they signed off with only minor quibbles.  Then there’s her boyfriend’s parents—the former President of Argentina and his wife.

“I showed his parents the video and the ex-First Lady of Argentina thought it was sexy but classy. I didn’t want to look at his father’s face.”

I have to applaud the tact of the former First Lady of Argentina.  Of all the many words I might use to describe the video, classy is not one of them.  Showing up already pretend-nude lacks any sort of neo-burlesque subtlety.

That said the goofiness of the song has actually raised my appraisal of Shakira considerably.  I’m sure the former President and First Lady of Argentina understand that sex appeal moves product, and marketing it is an integral part of modern popular music.  The inexplicable part is the screwball “awoooo” in the chorus.

BAY AT THE MOON UPDATE: The man responsible for the “awooo” provides MTV with some insight into the crafting of the song.

“When I first heard her singing on the song, I really liked it, because it’s f—ing weird for a pop song. She definitely has a strange lyric sense. This isn’t the first song she’s done with some bizarre lyrics in it,” he laughed. “I like the idea of a werewolf. And when I heard her idea for the song, I was like, ‘You gotta have her howl at the moon at some point,’ and she did it. She’s a subtle wolf.”

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