The Conservative Progressive Party

Whose policies remain the same as they were 48 years ago.

  • The National Post’s Kelly McParland offers five very reasonable steps to save the NDP.  Unfortunately they will all be ignored, because Mr. McParland forgets that for the membership, these are not mere party policies.  They are a philosophy; a way of viewing the world.  If the membership actually believed in the things McParland recommends, they would already have joined the Liberals or Conservatives two or three decades ago.  So the retooling of the party will amount to a name change and not much else.
  • The NDP lobbies for former union boss Perley Holmes, convicted of drug trafficking in the United States in 2007, to serve the remainder of his sentence at home.  They conveniently leave out the organised crime connection which put Mr. Holmes in a position to move 136 pounds of coccaine at a time.  Wife, children and elderly mom back in B.C. cry brave tears and claim it’s hard having Dad so far away.  No kidding.  Perhaps he should have considered the possibility of going to jail in a foreign country before he tried to export drugs from it.  Maybe it’s also worth considering what 100 pounds of coke would do to your neighbourhood before getting all verklempt for this fella.
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