The Ersatz and The Real

The Hollywood machine is trying hard to get me to love Katy Perry.  Songs in heavy rotation, images splashed everywhere; for whatever reason it’s just not taking, though.

Katy Perry’s retro-pinup style appears at first blush, like it would be ideally crafted to appeal to your correspondent’s affection for the glamour of yesteryear.  Something about it, though, is not quite tuned to perfection.  A closer examination could reveal that it’s mere marketing-machine, focus-group smoke and mirrors, something short of an all-encompassing embrace of the retro-aesthetic.  Proof, you say?

Contrast these two notable proponents of yesteryear’s style:  On the left, Katy Perry off-duty, shopping for clothes.  On the right, Dita Von Teese off-duty, shopping for groceries.

katy-ditaFor one, it’s just a job.  For the other, it’s a lifestyle.

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