Another boring TIFF season

Hearing the Blue Angels roar overhead in their F-18 Hornets this afternoon, I was sezied by the thought that (improbably) there might be something interesting for me to see at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.  2009 is, after all, the Canadian Centennial of Flight and one presumes some intrepid Canuck filmmaker would have shot an aviation-related film with this in mind and entered it into the Festival’s lineup.

No such luck.  Tried going to TIFF’s website and searched for “aviation aviator aircraft pilot”, which yielded two hits; one about a bar called The Pilot, and a film (Prince of Tears) about a former Chinese pilot being disappeared by the Kuomintang’s secret police in 1950s Taiwan.

This is obviously a failure of the Canadian government’s chronic arts underfunding.  Without millions of dollars at their disposal, Canadian filmmakers will never be able to go to the library, pick up a book, learn about our history and then craft timely stories that speak to us about our past.

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