Boeing pulls head out of rear, finally starts promoting both 767 and 777 tanker concepts

I kid because I love.

Honestly, I am glad Boeing is finally promoting the fact that it has a KC-X competitor for all seasons.  (I’ve written previously about the KC-X competition here and here.)  If you want a tanker a little larger than the current ones, with better short field capability, lower operational cost, and more room for gas, gear and guys, we have that covered.  And if you want an enormous beast with great reliability and more space for gear, gas and guys than our competitor’s product, we’ve got that too!

Here are some of the relevant slides from Boeing’s tanker briefing, just unveiled yesterday at the Air Force Association’s 2009 Air & Space Conference.


Also see this nostalgia-heavy promotional video from Boeing, which will make you want to drop everything, run out to Home Depot and buy an aerial tanker of your own.  Boeing, why didn’t you pitch both angles the first time around, back in 2007?  Honestly.

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