Epica: Never Enough

After an extensive search, The Company is pleased to announce the selection of Dutch group Epica as the official Symphonic Metal Band-in-Residence of Taylor Empire Airways.  We would like to extend our thanks and best wishes to former title-holder Nightwish, who had a pretty good run.  No hard feelings, fellas.  It’s just that we have an affection for classically-trained sopranos, and after Tarja Turunen was ejected from Nightwish in 2005 and replaced with Annette Olzon, the band’s soundscape has been, in our opinion, less polished.  Which is not to say that Ms. Olzon is not talented; but her vocals aren’t our cup of tea.

On the other hand Epica is still equipped with a servicable mezzo-soprano (one Simone Simons), and the band’s musical stylings are indeed very similar to that of Nightwish; in fact the Nightwish album Oceanborn is specifically cited as one of Ms. Simons’ inspirations to take classical singing lessons.  So without further adieu, here is Epica:

As a clarifying note, I would also like to assure the Board and Shareholders that the selection of Epica has absolutely nothing to do with this:


Simone Simons

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