If you break it, you replace it

Your correspondent generally finds Air Canada’s service to be satisfactory; that is, the aircraft departs and arrives more or less on time, in one piece, with a minimum of annoyances.  My only complaint is that the cabin crews generally don’t even pretend to be happy.  But having to watch staff adrift in misery for a couple of hours is small potatoes compared to having one’s own possessions destroyed by baggage handling:

Upon returning to Alberta from the Canadian Guitar Festival in Kingston, 17- year-old Calum Graham from High River [Alberta] found his prized guitar had been smashed on an Air Canada flight. Graham was devastated when not only was his own guitar smashed, but the one he won at the festival, for placing second in the competition, was damaged.

— “Alberta youth receives guitar from Air Canada.”  Aviation.ca, 31 August 2009.

The good news is that Air Canada has some semblance of corporate good manners, and has replaced the destroyed guitar.  Bravo Zulu Air Canada.

Perhaps they learned from the unfortunate example of fellow Star Alliance air carrier United Airlines, who busted musician Dave Carroll‘s guitar and got pilloried in a very popular YouTube video.

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