Short Sunderland flying boats in the Berlin Airlift

Whenever the Berlin Airlift is remembered, the C-54s of the United States Air Force justifiably get a lot of the glory.  But it was very much a team effort, with the transport fleets of all US military services (and most Western allies) heavily invested in the airlift.  One aspect that I was not aware of until quite recently was that the Royal Air Force even used its Short Sunderland flying boats.  The Sunderlands operated from Finkenwerder, Hamburg, alighting on Lake Havel in Berlin.  They flew until winter icing rendered the lake too hazardous for arrivals.

NOTE: There is even a tiny bit of Canadian content, mainly parcels marked with a maple leaf and “Made in Canada”, appearing at the 00:35 mark.  Try not to snicker at the irony of things marked “Keep Dry” (salt, probably) arriving via flying boat, and being offloaded into a smaller boat for transport to shore.

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