The Iron Pumpkin (1969), Parts 1 & 2

The Iron Pumpkin is the title of an 8mm home movie produced, directed and edited by Capt. Robert L. “Viper” Brown of Team-2, Rivet Ball.  The Rivet Brass, Rivet Amber (“Lisa Ann”) and Rivet Ball (“Wanda Belle”) RC-135 aircraft were some of the forerunners of today’s RC-135V/W Rivet Joint aircraft.  Capt. Brown’s wife, Cathy, gave him a Minolta K-11, Super-8mm camera for Christmas in 1968.  He spent the next year filming remote Shemya AFB, his fellow crewmembers, and the Rivet Ball and Rivet Amber aircraft.  Part 1 depicts Rivet Ball departing Shemya with Team-2 aboard; Part 2 shows the remains of Rivet ball after its ill-fated landing on 13 January 1969, when she hydroplaned off the end of Rwy 28 at Shemya (with no loss of life, fortunately).

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