This is an abomination


I love bacon as much as (if not more than) the next guy, but spending the morning stinking like fried pig just doesn’t appeal to me.

When I was a young lad just embarking on a civilian career, I made the error of getting dressed for work before cooking a sumptuous bacon-and-egg breakfast.  As I discovered to my dismay, I had to put up with the faint aroma of bacon on my clothes for the rest of the day; neither deodorant nor copious amounts of cologne could dispel it.  Tasting yummy bacon is one thing, but having the aroma emanate from your clothes for 14 hours can be sickening.  And lo, I never made that error again.  Always, always cook bacon before one showers or gets dressed for work.

This soap would let one live that early learning experience for weeks; the allure of it is lost on me.

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