Rare 747s

This aircraft, Clipper America (civil registry N747A), is a 747SP—a special long-range version of the Boeing 747-100 built back in the late 70s and early 80s, commissioned by Pan Am to serve ultra-long-haul routes like New York to Tokyo.  In the above video she is seen performing with the Patriots Jet TeamClipper America has served many masters since rolling off the Boeing assembly line in the spring of 1980; you can read about her entire history here, and see many photos of her in action here.

This is Bolivian air carrier AeroSur’s one and only Boeing 747-300, Torisimo (civil registry CP-2525).  There is a moment in the video where I was certain that Torisimo was going to catch a wingtip and end her flying career prematurely.  You can see some photos of her flying much more sedately here.

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