Toronto, Bollywood style

A few years ago I was watching a Bollywood movie on OMNI, and to my surprise I started to recognise local landmarks in the movie’s setting.  Despite an uninteresting and uninspired story, I ended up watching the whole thing for the location-spotting sport of it all.

The movie turns out to be Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi, released in 1997; while I cannot recommend it, I can offer up some YouTube clips which will permit you to do some location-spotting of your own.

The “Jumme ke jumme” dance number above even has aviation content (at 4:04), although I cannot identify the hangar interiors by sight.  Other locations include the park/exteriors around Metro Hall, the Port Credit Yacht Club, the Eaton Centre, and Brookfield Place.

The “Akela Hai Mr. Khiladi” song (embedding disabled, sorry) has even more amusing settings.  A large chunk of it was clearly shot in the parking lot of Mississauga’s Square One shopping centre, with GO buses zooming by in the background.  And on the lawn of the Mississauga Civic Centre.  These cheapskate choices seems a little odd given that the production also splurged a little to shoot in Niagara Falls, Marineland and downtown Toronto.


Bluffer’s Park in Scarborough was apparently the setting for these Bollywood-inspired moments from The Love Guru. Don’t be fooled by these clips; they offer a glimmer of what the movie could have been if it stuck with the Bollywood theme. But in reality the rest of the movie is astonishingly and unremittingly bad.

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