Toronto by night

An assortment of images collected from Flickr.

Toronto at dusk, originally uploaded by wivy.

Toronto looking West, originally uploaded by wivy.

Toronto Downtown Core at night, originally uploaded by wivy.

Pearson Airport (YYZ), originally uploaded by James Knox.

For some reason, night views of the city will always remind me of those time-filler late-night Global shows that featured a roving camera and light jazz music; Night Moves, Night Ride and Night Walk.  They gave ’80s Toronto a bit of a noir feel, and helped a lot of folks (even those of us who were born here) fall in love with Hogtown.

RELATED: Shawn Micallef of Spacing Toronto reminisces fondly about those insomiac memories of yesteryear.  And, against the odds, a clip of Night Walk circa 1984 survives on YouTube.

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