RKCR/Y&R: Virgin Atlantic “Still Red Hot” Ad (2009)

Although not terribly well-known on this side of the pond, the Virgin Atlantic ad by Rainy Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Young & Rubicam features iconic New Wave music of the ’80s (“Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood) and is instantly recognisable in Britain.

Perhaps inevitably, the ad has certainly inspired no small number of imitators and parodies.

Australian comedienne Pam Ann (Caroline Reid):

Liam Southall’s bus driver satire:

And the very funny Comedy Club UK parody (embedding disabled, sorry) featuring “Essex girls.” I should note, for North American readers, that “Essex girl” is Brit slang for a certain stereotype, i.e. a promiscuous, underachieving blonde from a blue-collar neighbourhood.  A typical fashion hallmark of the Essex girl are a pair of white stilettos.

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