Canadian air travel roundup

Terminal 3 Pearson Airport, originally uploaded by Allan P1.

A somewhat random collection of bullet-points from the world of Canadian air travel.

  • Air France caves in to the class action suit brought by passengers of AF358, and settles for CDN $11.65 million.  The seriously injured (mentally or physically) will receive a maximum $175,000 payout, while the uninjured will receive the minimum payment somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000.  I remind readers that the AF358 incident was a runway overrun in which there was no loss of life amongst its 297 passengers and 12 crew, and in which the biggest financial loss was borne by the airline itself, which had to write off the aircraft completely.  Suits still pending: Air France, suing GTAA and Nav Canada for the loss of an aircraft; GTAA, suing Air France for the cost of post-accident environmental remediation; and one passenger (who opted out of the class-action lawsuit) who is suing all parties.
  • Airline and airport staff are not entirely clear on the specifics of the nonsensical and hastily composed new carry-on baggage regulations, and kind of making it up as they go along.  Big surprise there.  Your correspondent has a suggestion, based upon years of experience watching his wife haul around purses of various sizes (the largest of which could have discharged a tank platoon on Juno Beach in 1944).  A “small” purse is one that can accommodate your wife’s wallet and phone.  A “large” purse is one that has any excess payload capacity beyond that.  As far as laptop bags go, they are all “large”, even if made to cart around a 13″ netbook.  There is no such thing as a small laptop bag, because people cram them full of junk.
  • Farouk of the Flaming Underpants had fantasies of being a holy warrior, says the Toronto Star.  Well yeah—that’s what radical Islamists do.  If he didn’t want to wage jihad against the Great Satan, he probably would have sat down and watched a football game instead of fabricating explosive Y-fronts.
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