Chew, if only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes!

A selection of images tagged “Blade Runner” on Flickr.

Blade Runner II, originally uploaded by SBA73.

Blade Runner, originally uploaded by Heaven`s Gate (John).

New York or Blade Runner?, originally uploaded by Joseph Price.

Blade Runner, originally uploaded by cuellar.

Meet Pris, originally uploaded by naeros.

Characters from Blade Runner at Comic-Con, San Diego, California, originally uploaded by congochris.

Blade Runner Press Event – 47, originally uploaded by spencerhooks.

In the last photo: Mad props to Joe Turkel for sporting the tinted, oversized glasses—much like his character Dr. Eldon Tyrell.  And that goes double for Sean Young, who did her best to emulate the hairstyle and wardrobe of Rachael.  Trying to look like a character you played twenty-eight years ago isn’t easy.

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