Nerddom and aging

You know you’re getting old when the intersection of décolletage and geekery produces an “ewww”, not a “wow”.  For me, a woman dressed as Darth Vader is the opposite of sexy.

No offense to Evening Arwen, whose creativity we can admire, but I’m trying to imagine the circumstances under which I would want to see anyone bedecked in this attire, and I’m coming up with a “no thanks, I’ll take the soup” every time.

Category: Diversions
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2 Responses
  1. fenris says:

    Being critical of others tastes in sexual objects can get you in trouble with the political correctness industry. You are lucky this time.

    • Chris Taylor says:

      I think the problem is twofold. First, the voice of Darth Vader is James Earl Jones. Second, his most famous line of dialogue is “Luke, I am your father.”

      Those two things + corset = er, no. No thank you.