Cat business trip

An ad for Japanese travel booking website Jalan, featuring spokes-cat Nyalan.   I would rather see this guy than the overplayed Travelocity gnome any day of the week.

FYI, the fish-shaped card he’s pushing across the table is his business card.  And the product he’s presenting/demoing is a paw-shaped manju.

The Metafilter thread where I found it is also full of win:

Laugh now, but I feel sorry for whomever has to decipher the poor grammar on that cat’s expense reports.


…Often, we don’t really realize what we have until it’s gone, and it’s good to have tender moments like these to help us reflect on the importance of our loved ones. I know that I, for one, will go back to my apartment tonight, pick up my cats, and tell them, “WHO WANTS TO GO ON A LITTLE BUSINESS TRIP. WHO IS A CAT BUSINESSMAN. YOU ARE! YOU ARE KITTY BUSINESSMEN! WHO’S GONNA MAKE THE STOCK GO UP. MEEP MEEP, YOU SO HUNGRY FOR FISH”

And there’s plenty more where that came from:

Nyalan’s summer vacation:

Nyalan prepares for a big date:

Nyalan visits a hot spring:

Nyalan gets a massage:

Nyalan visits a traditional hotel:

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