Eastern Health for thee, but not for me

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams has administered a self-inflicted wound by jetting to the US for heart surgery and offering no explanation as to why the procedure couldn’t be done by cardiac surgeons in his own jurisdiction.

Giving the premier the benefit of the doubt, perhaps there is some procedure available down south that surgeons in Newfoundland and Labrador can’t yet offer.  If that were the case, the smart thing to do would be to have offered up such an explanation immediately, well in advance of departure.  It would disarm the critics before they had a chance to reach the high dudgeon setting.

Otherwise, one could posit—as the nurses in this 2008 article did, presciently—that the premier has chosen one health care system for himself, and another slightly less capable health care system for the residents of his province.

No politician of Mr. Williams’ experience could possibly want to send that message, and the shame of it is that it could have been so easily avoided.

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