Steve Jobs says Google’s “don’t be evil” ethos is bullshit

I love it when nerd icons start sticking pins in the competition.

At a town hall event following the iPad announcement, Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the time to kick Adobe and Google in the shins.  I get a chuckle out of his calling Google’s do-no-evil mantra “bullshit”.

I happen to think he’s correct, if only because Google has already demonstrated that it’s willing to compromise its first principles in pursuit of more moolah.  This is no surprise; individuals and companies make that tradeoff all the time.  But most are smart enough not to publicly pretend otherwise.

Jobs trying to unmask Google is particularly entertaining, though, since it’s coming from a guy whose outfit gets perverse pleasure out of locking in users with long term contracts, non-open interfaces, and overpriced peripherals using proprietary connectors.  Pot, kettle and all that.

One of those conflicts where you’d like to see both parties lose.

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