Attention to detail

This Strike Eagle maintenance crew chief just saved one of his birds from a potential mishap on takeoff:

“We were watching them taxi and I noticed when the second jet made its turn the left rudder was fully deflected to the right and the right rudder was perfectly straight after it made the turn,” said Sergeant [Justin] Wilson, deployed from Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England. “I knew that the pilots were not actually making this happen and something must be wrong.”

…After seeing the potential broken jet at the end of runway area receiving final preparations for takeoff, Sergeant Wilson ran to the area to inform the crew of the problem and advise them to send the jet back to its parking area.

— Williams, Richard (Staff Sgt, USAF).  “Airman’s vigilance prevents aircraft mishap.”  455th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs, 19 March 2010.

I’m sure Sgt. Wilson got a beer or two from a grateful aircrew for his alertness and quick action.

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