Take Off

On this day in history:

  • 1794—After Congress disbanded the bulk of the US Navy following the War of Independence, US merchant shipping found itself victimised by North African pirates.  On this day in 1794, Congress authorised construction of six new naval vessels.  Despite a stipulation that vessel construction was to stop if an agreement (read: payoff) with Algiers was reached (which it was, in 1796), three of the frigates—USS United States, USS Constellation and USS Constitution—were completed and launched in 1797.
  • 1924—Canada recognises the Bolsheviks as the legitimate government of the USSR (Britain did so on February 1st, 1924).
  • 1933—Japan leaves the League of Nations after constant but ineffectual international scolding over the Mukden Incident—where the Japanese Army destroyed a section of a Japanese-owned railway line in China, and framed Chinese dissidents for the act.  The incident was used as a pretext for the subsequent Japanese invasion of Manchuria.
  • 1942—The Parliament of Canada passes the War Appropriation (United Kingdom Financing) Act, writing off $700 million in British war debts.  The cost to each Canadian is $87.
  • 1982—”Take Off”, a single from the Bob & Doug Mackenzie album Great White North, peaks at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart.

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