British North America Act, 1949

12, 13 & 14 Geo. VI, c. 22 (U.K.)

An Act to confirm and give effect to Terms of Union agreed between Canada and Newfoundland

[23rd March 1949]

Whereas by means of a referendum the people of Newfoundland have by a majority signified their wish to enter into confederation with Canada;

And whereas the Agreement containing Terms of Union between Canada and Newfoundland set out in the Schedule to this Act has been duly approved by the Parliament of Canada and by the Government of Newfoundland;

And whereas Canada has requested, and consented to, the enactment of an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom to confirm and give effect to the said Agreement, and the Senate and House of Commons of Canada in Parliament assembled have submitted an address to His Majesty praying that His Majesty may graciously be pleased to cause a Bill to be laid before the Parliament of the United Kingdom for that purpose…

British North America Act, 1949 (12,13 & 14 Geo.6, c. 22)

Sixty-one years ago today, the Dominions of Canada and Newfoundland were formally united.

First-day cover commemorating Newfoundland's union with Canada. Cover autographed by Joseph R. Smallwood (1900 - 1991).

Delegation which negotiated the entry of Newfoundland into Confederation, Railway Committee Room, Centre Block, Parliament Buildings. June 25th, 1947. (Front, left to right): J.R. Smallwood, Hon. F. Gordon Bradley, Rt. Hons. W.L. Mackenzie King, Louis St. Laurent. (Rear, left to right): P.W. Crummey, Rev. Lester Burry, T.G.W. Ashbourne, Hon. D.C. Abbott, G.F. Higgins, J.J. McCann, C.H. Ballem, Hon. H.P.G. Bridges (George Hunter / National Film Board of Canada. Photothèque / Library and Archives Canada / PA-128073)

Rt. Hon. Louis St. Laurent speaking during the ceremony which admitted Newfoundland to Confederation. Ottawa, Ontario; April 1st, 1949. (National Film Board of Canada. Phototheque / Library and Archives Canada / C-050808)

Citizens of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, reading newspaper headlines concerning confederation with Canada. September 1949. (Chris Lund / NFB / Library and Archives Canada / PA-128007)

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