Take up our quarrel with the foe

The Company regrets to note the closure of Canada’s foremost milblog, The Torch.

In the Canadian media hothouse—and its even more stultifying coverage of military matters—you tend to hear from the same four or five voices all the time. Veteran journalists who have spent decades building a particular spin and brand; spokesmen for “non-partisan” institutes whose entire raison d’être is campaigning for the reduction of Canadian military spending; and my personal favorite (in the years before Lewis Mackenzie and Rick Hillier rose to prominence) the administrative and logistics colonels our national broadcasters would chuck onto our television screens in times of crisis, billing the rear echelon types as tactical and operational experts.

The Torch was a much-needed antidote to all of that, and was the most interesting and well-rounded of all Canadian military blogs.  In their honour, the Company is pleased to present “The Black Bear”—the traditional march out/return to barracks tune of many Scottish regiments.  This version (embedding disabled, sorry) is a massed band variant from the 2007 Québec City Military Tattoo.

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