From the wire—July 24th, 2010

  • Ben has an eminently sensible position on Lord Black of Crossharbour’s appeal to have his resumption of Canadian citizenship expedited by the federal cabinet.  I agree with David Frum‘s assertion that had the scenario involved anyone other than Conrad Black, the Liberal government of the day would likely not have dredged up the 1919 Nickle Resolution to block the honour.  But actions do have consequences, and Black coughed up his citizenship voluntarily and without duress.  There’s a cost that comes with such decisions, freely made.
  • Nicholas Russon notes that Foursquare (a geo-location social media site/app that lets one broadcast one’s location to the world) can be used with devastating effects by thieves, stalkers, and so forth.  I do not understand how people can continue to be surprised that sharing significant personal information with anonymous strangers can yield up negative consequences.  Frankly, I always give false information to non-financial websites on the assumption that—at some point—their data will become compromised.
  • Did everybody but me realise that Darcey Jerrom was still blogging at MetisOnline?  I knew Dust My Broom had transitioned into an all-blues, all-podcast site, but I hadn’t realised (until I saw a referrer in the stats log) that Darcey was still plugging away at his non-music blogging.  God bless him.  Too many bloggers drop off the face of the internet, and I admire tenacity.
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