Historia magistra vitae est: August 12th

This day was an eventful one in many eras.

  • 1480: Following the Battle of Otranto, the occupying Turkish troops execute 800 Christians who refused to convert to Islam.  Their remains form part of the “Chapel of the Dead” in Otranto’s Romanesque cathedral.
  • 1833: The town of Chicago is founded, with a population of about 200 souls.  Its name is derived from the Miami-Illinois word shikaakwa, meaning “wild onion” or “wild garlic”.
  • 1914: The United Kingdom declares war on Austria-Hungary, after the latter’s invasion of Serbia.
  • 1960: Echo 1A, the first passive communications satellite, was launched into orbit atop a Thor-Delta booster.  It re-entered the atmosphere eight years later.
  • 1977: OV-101 Enterprise conducts the first space shuttle Approach and Landing Test at Rogers Dry Lake, Edwards AFB.
  • 1981: The first IBM 5150 personal computer is released, putting humanity on path that will lead inexorably to World of Warcraft, Mac-PC flamewars, and widely available Internet porn.
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