Sh*t my grandma says

Before she was famous, a cocaine-addicted Lady Gaga took stock of her situation, decided she had hit rock bottom, then called up her mother to admit her problem and seek help.

Gaga’s mother apparently freaked out, went and picked up her daughter, and delivered her to the doorstep of her 82-year-old grandmother in West Virginia.

Whereupon Gaga spilled the beans to grandma, and the following happened:

“I cried. I told her I thought my life was over and I have no hope and I’ve worked so hard, and I knew I was good,” the star recalls. “What would I do now? And she said, ‘I’m gonna let you cry for a few more hours. And then after those few hours are up, you’re gonna stop crying, you’re gonna pick yourself up, you’re gonna go back to New York, and you’re gonna kick some ass.‘ ”

— Forbes, Sophie.  “Brunette GaGa BEFORE she was famous (as star reveals she’s lonely and celibate).” Daily Mail, 3 August 2010. [Emphasis mine]

Words to live by.

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