War Between the States

A retired US Army officer by the name of Tom passed this link on to me, which I had to share.

Washington, D.C. photojournalist Mike Lynaugh has collected an astounding batch of Civil War photographs (scanned from glass plates in the Library of Congress).  I’ll share a couple here, but it’s worth clicking through to see all of them at Mr. Lynaugh’s site.

The Old Trinity Church with the United States Capitol dome under construction behind it. (Image: Library of Congress. Text: Mike Lynaugh)

View on James River and Kanawha Canal near the Haxall Flour Mills; ruins of the Gallego Mills beyond in Richmond, VA (Image: Library of Congress. Text: Mike Lynaugh)

The captured Confederate Ironclad, C.S.S. Stonewall on the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. The completed Capitol dome can be seen in the background. (Image: Library of Congress. Text: Mike Lynaugh)

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