12.13.10 News Roundup

  • Boeing’s Phantom Ray UCAV—cleverly nicknamed the “Cylon raider” by Syfy’s DVICE—will begin flight testing in January.
  • It may be tempting for some to look down upon the 118 drivers who had to be rescued from a snowbound section of Highway 402 east of Sarnia.  Especially since some of the stranded folks even had to be airlifted to safety in Canadian Forces CH-146 light utility helicopters.  The important thing is that everybody’s alive, and—since I live in the city that famously called in the Forces to shovel snow a decade ago—I know that those who live in glass and concrete towers should be reluctant to cast stones.
  • So long, Voyager 1.  You did good work.  Don’t let a comet hit you in the ass on the way out.
  • Russian spy Anna Chapman (a.k.a. Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko) has a new legitimate gig with a Moscow bank.  And she posed in Maxim magazine’s Russian edition, a couple months ago.  I mention it only because of the geopolitical angle, of course.
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