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Dear defeated Members of Parliament (of all political parties):

It’s called getting fired.  It will happen to virtually all Canadians at some point in their personal and professional development.  Most of your fellow citizens will deal with it on their own, without the benefit of any outreach program.

“It’s as sudden as death,” said one defeated Liberal MP. “The only thing you don’t go through is that you don’t have to walk into a funeral home and peek into the box and say, ‘Well, he was a nice guy.’ ”

When Canadian researchers interviewed 45 former members of Canada’s federal and provincial parliaments within five years of their defeat at the polls and asked how they coped with their “involuntary disengagement”, one in three invoked images of death.

… For a number of defeated candidates, the prospects of finding gainful employment after an election defeat becomes remote, said McMaster’s Shaffir. “Some of them have sacrificed a lot. It’s not as if they can take a 10-year absence from a law firm and then just parade back, saying, ‘I’m back.’ The whole legal world changes, or the technology has shifted.”

Joe Jordan developed a kit for defeated MPs called “Your Life After Politics”. He provides volunteer counselling to assist in the transition from public to private life. “I’m not Dr. Phil,” he said. “It’s just that someone who has been through it can answer their questions. I lived this.”

— Kirkey, Sharon.  “The death of a thousand votes: defeated MPs coping with grief, rejection.”  Postmedia News via the Montréal Gazette, 9 May 2011.

Suggestion: get over yourselves.

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