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Flaccid Torpedo of Fail

Natalie Kenly and Charlie Sheen (WUF / Splash News)

Well, you knew it was only a matter of time before this happened:

LOS ANGELES — Charlie Sheen is no longer winning when it comes to his so-called goddesses — his last one walked out on him, TMZ reported Monday.

Cannabis magazine model Natalie Kenly, who accompanied the actor on his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” tour, moved out of his Los Angeles mansion last week, sources close to Sheen told the entertainment website.

— “Charlie Sheen single after last ‘goddess’ walks out.” New York Post, 27 June 2011.

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Swedish House Mafia: Save The World

Imagine a mid-80s Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick-turned-music video, but with dogs as the main character.

EDIT: Actually I suppose it’s more like the opening titles of the old Equalizer television show, but you get the idea.

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The Barber of Siberia (1998) – Tsar Alexander III and cadets

The impressive martial pomp and ceremony of late 19th century Imperial Russia, as imagined by modern filmmakers.  (Via the Tiger on Politics.)

As Mikhalov likes to say about Barber of Siberia, in a phrase that reveals the extent to which his film about the heroic past is intended as a blueprint for the troubled present, “It is not about what was, but about what ought to be.”

— Larsen, Susan. National Identity, Cultural Authority, and the Post-Soviet Blockbuster: Nikita Mikhalov and Aleksei Balabanov. Slavic Review, Vol. 62, No. 3, (Autumn 2003), p. 493.

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