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Utah Saints: Something Good ’08

I never learned how to do the “running man” as a teenager, and this is making me feel like I missed out.

The take-away from this video seems to be that if your concept can get early adoption from three big-haired Welsh girls, you’re all but guaranteed to take over the world.

RELATED: A pretty good (almost shot-for-shot) homage by Estonian students.

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Pet Benatar: Shadows of the Night (1982)

I am a little shocked that I do not recall seeing this video before stumbling across it in late February; I attribute that to a lack of fondness for Ms. Benatar’s music in my youth.  Features said artist and band as pilots/saboteurs in a highly improbable but nonetheless entertaining covert infiltration into Nazi-occupied Europe.  Also look for then-unknowns Judge Reinhold (as a fellow saboteur) and Bill Paxton (as a Wehrmacht aide-de-camp). The aircraft with USAF markings are AT-6 Texan / Harvard trainers, widely used in Allied forces throughout the Second World War.

I have come to the conclusion that music videos reached their creative and fun-loving apogee sometime in the Eighties.  Later videos have had better music and better production values, but rarely so much goofy élan.

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