Canadian Contingents in the Second Boer War, 1899-1902

Soldiers departing for the Boer War. Ottawa, Ontario; near the post office. c1899-1901. (Library and Archives Canada/C-003950)

Royal Canadian Regiment on dock before embarkation. c1899-1901. (Capt. Samuel Maynard Rogers, RCR / Library and Archives Canada / e002505774)

Non-commissioned officers and enlisted men of Lord Strathcona's Horse en route to South Africa aboard S.S. Monterey. 1899. (Library and Archives Canada / C-000171)

A bivouac on Bloemfontein Common. c1899-1901. (Library and Archives Canada / C-003477)

Troops of the Royal Canadian Regiment crossing the Modder River at Paardeberg Drift. February 1900. (Reinhold Thiele / Library and Archives Canada / C-014923)

Field hospital at Paardeberg Drift, South Africa. 19 February 1900. (Reinhold Thiele / Library and Archives Canada / C-006097)

Miss Minnie Affleck, Nursing Sister, 1st Canadian Contingent. 1900. (Minnie Affleck/Library and Archives Canada/C-051799)

Trooper (later Colonel) Lorne Winfield Redmond Mulloy, Royal Canadian Dragoons. (Photographer: Pittaway, Alfred George / Patent and Copyright Office / Library and Archives Canada / C-014081) Mulloy lost both eyes during the Boer campaign and subsequently enjoyed a career as a lawyer and lecturer at Royal Military College, Kingston. He died in 1932.

Return of Canadian soldiers from South Africa. Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario. c1901. (Library and Archives Canada / PA-034097)

Yonge Street crowd celebrating the end of the Second Boer War. Toronto, Ontario. (City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 1244, Item 2049)

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